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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering as a firefighter, EMT, or paramedic is physically and mentally demanding. You will be asked to intervene and provide exemplary service during the worst moments of people's lives. Your training is very extensive but manageable if you have strong time management skills. You will find that your training is intellectually stimulating and will compliment your professional work or education. In addition to the unique skills acquired, you will become a leader among your peers and learn new management styles.

Any person eighteen (18) years of age or older, will be eligible for membership in a Department, provided they meet all requirements set forth by that department.

Any person between sixteen (16) and eighteen (18) years of age, living in Montgomery County, Maryland, will be eligible for junior membership in a Department provided they have written consent from their parents or legal guardians and meet all requirements set by the local Volunteer Fire Department.

The following departments are in need of volunteers. Please consider applying to these departments.

Hyattstown VFD
Upper Montgomery VFD
Laytonsville VFD
Damascus VFD