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Volunteer Basic

Orientation Course

Volunteer Basic Orientation Course

The Volunteer Basic Orientation Course (VBOC) is an integrated 10 week training program which indoctrinates new volunteer recruits into the MCVFRA, MCFRS (Montgomery County Fire-Rescue Services) and their local volunteer fire-rescue department. The extensive training received during the course helps one attain IECS (Integrated Emergency Command Structure) status as an active service provider.

In addition to becoming an officially ranked volunteer, a VBOC graduate will be: a certified AHA Healthcare CPR provider; possess complete knowledge of inventory on fire trucks, engines and ambulances; be familiar fire department policies and procedures and have extensive knowledge of their personal safety equipment.

The course is held on Friday nights from 18:30-23:00hrs. Free dinner is provided. Upon completion of the VBOC course students will be prepared to ride on apparatus as trainees, take further training including FFI, EMT and HAZMAT, and assist on real emergency calls!


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