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Volunteering as a firefighter/EMT in Montgomery County, MD is personally rewarding and an excellent avenue to serve your community. Montgomery County volunteer firefighter/EMTs perform many duties besides putting out fires; your cutting edge training will prepare you to respond to a variety of unique fire suppression and rescue situations. Firefighter/EMTs provide critical aid on calls which can range from major car accidents to river and mountain emergencies.

Volunteering in this role is physically and mentally demanding; you will be asked to intervene and provide exemplary service during the worst moments of people's lives. Your training is very extensive but manageable if you have strong time management skills. To become a fully licensed, certified and ranking Firefighter II, you will take a series of training courses which equate to around 400 hours of class time. Upon completion of additional training, you will also have the opportunity to join a specialized rescue team such as: River Rescue and Tactical Services; Dive Rescue and Recovery; Urban Search and Rescue; and Hazardous Materials. You will find that your training is intellectually stimulating and will compliment your professional work or education; in addition to the unique skills acquired, you will become a leader among your peers and learn new management styles.

The possibilities for advancement in this position are limitless. Realistically, you can acquire the credentials needed to become an officer in only two and a half years. All training is provided free of charge and is strongly encouraged.

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