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The modern day volunteer fire and rescue service needs more than firefighters and EMTs. Volunteer fire/rescue departments in Montgomery County, MD are dynamic and evolving non-profit organizations; we are in constant need of professionals with specialized skills-sets from ALL backgrounds. Non-operational volunteer contributions are critical in day-to-day operations as well as attaining long-term department goals.

Projects, programs and departments that need significant non-operational assistance include: fundraising; recruitment; marketing/branding; advertising; book-keeping; audit support; legal; event planning; graphic design; website development; E-learning/Blackboard; curriculum development; database management; donor management; public/media relations; facilities; social networking; film production; food preparation; and procurement.

Administrative membership is available for applicants who do not wish or may not be able to participate in Fire/Rescue or EMS operations, but still desire to serve their local volunteer fire department. Administrative membership is reserved for persons whose special abilities or skills may be considered beneficial to the Department and/or those who have a desire to participate in fundraising, departmental events, public service events, work details, administrative support and other non-emergency related functions. Administrative members will not be permitted to participate in fire and rescue operations.

MCVFRA is also looking for auxiliary members who wish to participate on an ad-hoc basis, such as to man the canteen trucks on significant events.

Everyone has a talent and a unique perspective which can be applied to the betterment of the volunteer fire/rescue service in Montgomery County, MD.