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Volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic is an excellent way to serve your community while gaining invaluable life-saving experience. Volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians in Montgomery County, MD are known throughout the world for their extraordinary clinical and driving skills, advanced training and consistent high-level of performance. EMTs perform many duties besides answering 911 calls; in this role you may be asked to assist with public education campaigns and engage the community during fire department open houses as well as other local events.

Volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician is mentally and physically demanding; you will be asked to intervene and provide exemplary service during the worst moments of people's lives. Your training is very extensive but manageable if you have strong time management skills. There are a series of training courses which equate to 172 classroom hours to attain the status of Emergency Medical Technician-Basic; at this level of certification you may be charged with managing an entire ambulance crew. By the end of your initial training you will be proficient in CPR and how to handle cardiac as well as respiratory arrest, heart attacks, seizures, diabetic emergencies, respiratory problems and other medical emergencies. You will also know how to manage traumatic injuries such as falls, fractures, lacerations and burns. You will find that your training is intellectually stimulating and will compliment your professional work or education; in addition to the specialized skills acquired, you will become a leader among your peers and learn new management strategies.

The possibilities for advancement in this position are unbounded. Following completion of EMT-B class, you can take courses to become a paramedic (EMT-P), or EMS supervisor. All training is provided free of charge and is strongly encouraged.