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The Montgomery County Volunteer Fire-Rescue Association is a 501(c)(4) tax exempt, volunteer membership association representing the interests of the volunteer fire, EMS and rescue services in Montgomery County, MD.

Organized in 1922, the MCVFRA serves as the voice for all Montgomery County volunteer fire, rescue and emergency service professionals as well as the local volunteer fire and rescue departments in the County. Each of the departments maintains its own charter with the State of Maryland and is incorporated as a non-profit volunteer corporation with the state.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Get involved! Become a volunteer or contact us by email.


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By Jose Centeno on Jun 19th, 2014
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To Whom It May Concern: My name is Jose Centeno and I am a young business professional living in the Montgomery County area. For quite sometime I have been looking for ways and opportunities to give back to others and the community. I have a passion for helping others and I have always pondered the idea of becoming a volunteer firefighter or EMT. I would love to get more information and speak to someone about what I need to do to reach that goal. Please feel free to contact me directly at 301-466-3481 or via email. Thank you for your time, I look forward to speaking with someone soon.
By Tony on Jun 26th, 2014
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I Would like too be a firefighter Volunteers
By McCabe on Jun 26th, 2014
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Interested in volunteering, and possible making a career firefighter or EMT in the future. I am an Army veteran.
By Michael So on Jul 7th, 2014
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I would like to volunteer for the fire department.
By Clem on Aug 23rd, 2014
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By Elcid on Oct 5th, 2014
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im interested in joining fire and rescue association volunteer..
By Roshni on Apr 8th, 2015
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I would like to become an EMT in the future. I think this would be a great opportunity for me.
By Emerala on May 25th, 2015
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My name Emeralda Andre and I'm interested in volunteering as a fire fighter and EMT. I've always had a passion of working in a field where I can help others and I believe I can do that by becoming a volunteer.
By Afua on Jun 30th, 2015
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I would like to volunteer for this opportunity

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